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About Missy Monroe – Missy Monroe Bio

Missy Monroe grew up in Las Vegas. She wanted to be an actress when she grew up. Her family wanted her to be something that people will look at and respect, like a doctor. Her mom worked in a hospital where she does heart monitoring in ICU. She worked graveyard shift since Missy was 12 Her dad was a truck driver and a paramedic and he didn’t work for a long time. He was never around after she was 12. She had very little parental supervision so when she was young, she always got into trouble.

Missy Monroe had a 34D bra in sixth grade. She had sex her first time at age 12. In eighth grade, she was voted most famous flirt and she hung out with the older boys. In high school she hung out with the football players and the Gothic crowd, wore designer clothes, and did drugs. Cindy Crawford, the porn star, was a senior when Missy was a freshman. By the time she graduated high school at age 17, she had slept with 150 guys. But she never had an STD until she got into the adult industry (chlamydia). She usually didn’t do anything with the guys at school, but with guys over 18. She went to a lot of college parties. She was a decent student and her GPA was 3.3 when she graduated. She did not take the SATs, but she took the test to join the army. However, when the Second Gulf War started, she changed her mind.

Missy Monroe Career

After high school,she  worked in JCPenney and Dominos. Then she started doing topless dancing at Cheetahs. She stopped when they changed the age limit to 21 because they served alcohol. She didn’t want to do all-nude dancing because most of the women who did that actually had sex with the customers in the club in the cubicles. She then looked in the Las Vegas Weekly where she saw an ad for a nude photo shoot for $600. She did that in April 2003. They referred her to an agent and they flew her out to Los Angeles. Her boyfriend at the time didn’t know she was doing porn until he found out at a newsstand when he picked up a magazine and she was on the front cover. Her boyfriend wasn’t very pleased when he opened the magazine and saw a penis in his girlfriend’s mouth. She stopped doing porn from October to April in 2004 when she moved to Los Angeles. When her fiance, a mechanic, lost his job and wouldn’t let her work, she moved out and return to the adult industry.

For a time, Missy Monroe roomed with pornographic actress Genesis Skye for roughly six weeks in 2006; a major fight between the two became the focus of news and tabloid reports, resulting in Genesis Skye’s moving out of the apartment.

In 2006, Monroe made her directorial debut with Big Tit Whores, Defiance Films.

Monroe often receives aggressive anal sex, and launches out plenty of dirty talk during her scenes. She is also known as a squirter, often appearing to ejaculate during sex scenes. She says that this is genetic as her mom has the same behavior. She loved the industry because of the attention she gets from men, but hates it for the women who join just for money.

She was nominated by AVN for Best New Starlet, Female Performer of the Year, Best Actress in a Video, etc. She was nominated by XRCO for Teen Cream Dream and Best Cumback and was awarded for Best Group Scene, Baker’s Dozen 2 (2004). Also she won Spank Bank Award for Most Magnificent MILF.

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