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About Rome Brothers – Rome Brothers Bio

Skyn Talent introduces the Rome Brothers to the adult industry and no your not seeing double they are really twins. Former bull riders and professional male strippers they are accustomed to being in the public eye. Bryan and Ryan Rome are not shy at all and the public is going to get to see them in all their glory.

The adult industry has only a handful of siblings that perform in adult videos and even fewer that are actual twins. When the Rome brothers reached out to Skyn Talent about representation we were hesitant, but then after peaking with them extensively and seeing the responses from production companies the ball was set in motion. The results have been great so far with a full week of bookings on their first trip to Las Vegas.

The adult industry needs some new reliable male talent and the Rome brothers are here to answer the call. Reliable male talent that just happen to be twins is just what the female talent are looking for.
[email protected] for all bookings. Official twitter accounts are @RRomexxx and BRomexxx

About Skyn Talent

Adult Talent Agency, Skyn Talent is the brand of discovery. With so many brilliant and stunning models working toward the opportunity of being known on a world wide status. Skyn Talent aims to be the catalyst to not just being seen, but actually being recognized. Our focus is to exhibit the best work from our adult talent creating work and opportunities for these hard working adult performers.
Skyn Talents’ primary objective, at it’s core, is to simply showcase great work. Great work may come from a first time model you’ve never heard of or may even be your favorite award winning performer. Skyn Talent will be bold, push boundaries, and challenge what’s true about the adult talent agency modeling industry today and what it can potentially grow to become tomorrow.